Can You Sublimate On Canvas 7-Step Easy Guideline

Can You Sublimate On Canvas

Canvas sublimation offers an opportunity for home crafters to create masterpieces for their home walls. It is basically a chemical reaction that needs some sort of polyester to react with, creating different sorts of durable and super vivid designs on the canvas. The canvas that is used for sublimation can be of cotton as well as polyester. Accurate temperature plays an important role in creating bonds with synthetic fibres and special dyes.

However, a common query is, Can you sublimate on canvas? The simple answer is yes. In order to sublimate on a cotton canvas, you need to apply a special fabric sheet and a heat-transfer vinyl between the dye and the cotton. Furthermore, a high-quality sublimation printing process can be performed by using a sublimation printer. But there are various other DIYs that you can use to sublimate different prints and designs on canvas sublimation.

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Can You Sublimate On Canvas?

If you are confused can you sublimate on canvas? So I assure you, you can sublimate onto canvas. Because canvas is relatively easy to find, affordable, and the most used medium for crafters, artists, and makers. For canvas sublimation, the user needs to prepare some additional surfaces for better results. For printing different images and designs on canvas, most of the users use two methods i-e regular heat press and easy press. Furthermore, the process of canvas sublimation cannot be performed on pure cotton canvas and needs some special treatments for printing high-quality images and designs.

Materials Required Before Sublimate On Canvas

Sublimate On Canvas

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Procedure Of Sublimation On Canvas

Canvas is a very good quality material that is available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colours. You can have it applied to almost any type of furniture or even to canvas material. It is a thick plastic that can be painted and coloured for a custom look.

If you have no time to read the article. So please watch this video to learn the process of canvas sublimation.

1. Create a Design

Ensure that the design has already been prepared. Don’t worry if you don’t have your design ready in advance. Because it is possible to create your design with software like CorelDraw, Canva, and Adobe Illustrator, you can create your design for free and paid versions. I use Canva to make my designs because it offers a one-month free trial and provides pre-made templates to generate eye-catching designs.

2. Print Your Design

Now, it’s time to print your design on paper using the best sublimation printer. Remember that some of the printers did not offer you sublimation ink. Additionally, it would be best never to use regular ink; instead, purchase separate ink. To print, I use Sawgrass Virtuoso SG 500 and SG 1000. I am considering that it offers large prints of excellent quality.

3. Use Coating Spray

Can you have a canvas for sublimation? If not, so please purchase one from the nearest store. Now, It is time to use a sublimation coating spray to coat the area where you want to transfer the design. Once the canvas has been sprayed, dry it by putting it in a heat press for 15 seconds. After drying, re-spray and heat press for 15 seconds, enabling us to get the sublimation effects from the polyester material we want.

4. Place The Design onto Canvas

It’s time to apply your sublimation print to the canvas. To prevent any adverse effects on the design being transferred, fix the sublimation paper by affixing heat-resistant tape.

sublimation on canvas

5. Apply Heat Press

To achieve complete sublimation, place butcher paper on the top of the canvas and heat press them all together for 45 seconds at a temperature of 365 degrees. Furthermore, ensure the design is not overheated because a single mistake might destroy all of your hard work.

sublimation on canvas

6. Remove Canvas

Remove the canvas carefully from the heat press because your attempt at sublimation on the canvas was successful. Ensure that you wear heat-resistant gloves on your hands because the canvas is warm. Consequently, please don’t touch the substance until it has cooled. If you have removed the canvas’s frame before beginning the process, put it back together using glue or another type of tape.

sublimation on canvas

7. Cut The Canvas

After completing the entire process, If your canvas has extra space surrounding the design, you may easily cut that area using a paper trimmer or scissors.

Important Factors To Consider Before Sublimate On Canvas

Before starting the sublimation on canvas, the first factor that the users need to consider is buying high-quality ink. This will in return produce a better quality image and designs with vivid and bright colours. Apart from this, most of the users make use of cotton canvas which requires some extra treatments before sublimating on canvas. It is recommended to make use of polyester canvas for getting better sublimation results.

Moreover, another important factor to consider before sublimating on canvas is to use sublimation paper instead of ordinary paper for getting high-quality images and designs. Before starting the process, make sure that the temperature and time of the heating press are set according to the canvas. Furthermore, the process of lamination is very important. Before going further, the users should need to laminate the canvas.

Frequently Asked Question For Beginners

For better results on canvas sublimation, you have to use polyester canvas as it absorbs the dye properly and offers high-quality images and designs. However, the cotton canvas can also be used for the sublimation process but you cannot use it directly. Hence polyester canvas is the better option.

Yes, you can sublimate on polyester canvas. As sublimation is the chemical process that bonds the dye with synthetic polyester fibres. Once the process starts, the dyes are converted into gaseous form and absorbed into the polyester fibres. This gives better results and high-quality images and designs.

By setting the heat press machine at 365 degrees, you can start the sublimation process. This is a suitable temperature for sublimating on canvas.

Final Thoughts

We hope, After reading this guide you will learn can you sublimate on canvas and how to sublimate on canvas. Canvas sublimation is a simple yet technical process that involves important steps. In order to get better sublimation results, the user needs to get accurate accessories and materials. Furthermore, by accurately setting the temperature and time of the heat press, the user can get better-quality images and designs. However, the type of canvas sublimation that you choose also matters as polyester gives excellent results whereas cotton canvas needs to undergo certain treatments before the process of sublimation.

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