Can You Sublimate On Glass? | Comprehensive Guide

can you sublimate on glass

Decorating your homes, offices, classrooms, etc requires a lot of effort and creative ideas. But, once you are done you will surely love the charm and vibe of that place. Our generation is involved in doing many decorations to make their environment look attractive through various methods. Well, the most common and easy method for glass sublimation, which gained demand among people, is sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is an easy method of printing designs of your own choice on many materials.

Can you sublimate on glass? The simple answer is Yes! Be prepared to make various designs on glass, mugs, t-shirts, ceramics, and many other different things with the sublimation process. Nowadays using glass as the decor has become a very common and demanding thing. If you are the one who is thinking of making a design on glass through the sublimation process then you should read the article. In this post, I have explained an easy method of how to sublimate on glass smoothly.

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Can You Sublimate On Glass?

Yes, you can sublimate on the glass as far as you know the proper procedure for it. Utilizing a sublimation glass tumbler as a decorating piece is a very decorative approach. It brings more attraction to your house and is an inspiring thing that a person can do. Other than decoration, many people sublimate to glass and can start their own side business. The process that I explained is the simplest one and you can easily sublimate on glass cup without any hesitation.

Essential Points To Consider Before Sublimate On Glass

  • For producing perfect and exact required prints on the glass you have to measure the parameters and do settings accordingly. The correct setting is necessary because extra heat pressure will crack or harm the mirror.
  • Heat press should be given accordingly because less pressure will destroy the design.
  • Placing a Teflon sheet below and above the glass blank is necessary so as to print the design without shattering it.
  • Try to use Tempered glass as it is more strong and withstands pressure and heat perfectly.
  • While removing the Teflon sheets after the heat press, be careful because it is too hot, which may burn your hand. For that, you can use preventive gloves.

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Materials Required For Glass Sublimation

Can You Sublimate On Glass

Sublimation Printer


Well, sublimation printers are the first and the most important material you need to get. The best sublimation printer is required for sublimating the print on the desired material. It provides a high-quality image with vibrant colours. Before you purchase the sublimation printer make sure that you buy the best printer to get the desired results.

Sublimation Ink

Well, sublimation ink is a unique ink that is specifically used for sublimation printers to get designs of your own choice. The ink should be of good quality so that you get 100% amazing results. The best sublimation ink prevents etching issues and reduces the chances of mishaps and fading colour of the print. To get the perfect results you should buy suitable sublimation ink.

Sublimation Paper


Sublimation paper is a special type of paper, which absorbs the ink and prints colourful and vibrant designs. Also, sublimation paper for glass is durable and available in good quality so that you can get great sublimation results. Well, sublimation paper is not ordinary paper, rather it catches colour perfectly and does not lose colour. A good sublimation paper is necessary to have a magical print.

Glass Blanks

glass blanks

Sublimation glass blanks are basic materials, which is used for additional decoration. It is used for engraving, enamelling, cutting, gilding, and acid-etching. You can decorate it in many ways depending on your creativity level. Also, the sublimation process goes well for the glass blanks and provides amazing results.

Teflon Sheet

telfon sheet

The Teflon sheet is used for heat transfer applications and provides protection from heating elements. The best thing about the Teflon sheet is that it is non-stick, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, cold-resistant, and has great electrical properties. It produces printing on sublimated glass and preserves the colour properties for a longer duration.

Heat Press Machine For Glass

press machine

A glass heat press machine is used for printing designs on t-shirts, mugs, or on other materials like glass. A heat press machine is the best device that you can use for the glass sublimation process. It is used for customization methods and provides great heat pressure accuracy. It is durable and provides great printing results. The heat press machine for glass works distinctively from the other sublimation printers.

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Procedure For Sublimate On Glass

Now, as you have got an idea of what main materials are required for sublimating on glass, you can now move towards its procedure. The procedure for sublimation printing on glass is simple and quite helpful if you understand its main steps, instructions, and tips. While sublimation on clear glass you need to perform steps carefully so as to reduce accidents.

Print Your Design


Well, the first step is to print the design on the best sublimation printer. You can secure the print on the glass by using heat-resistant tape on its backside. Make sure that the print is properly arranged at the backside of the glass. The actual printed image is required to get the perfect print.

Heat Press

glass sublimate

Now, as you have attached the print of your required choice on the glass so now it’s time for the heat press. For proper printing place the paper on the Teflon sheet as it will protect it from tearing and reduce the chances of damage. You should place the Teflon sheet at the bottom of the heat press to prevent wear and strain.

Apply Teflon Sheet

sublimate on glass

The third step is to apply heat and for that, you need to protect the glass so as to reduce damage. For protecting the glass from any kind of damage you have to put it on a Teflon sheet. Teflon sheet is heat-resistant and will protect the glass from cracking or damage. After covering the glass you have to apply the Teflon sheet and apply heat pressure.

Place Another Teflon Sheet on the Top

sublimate on glass

Now, the fourth step is that you have to place the Teflon sheet on the paper to protect it from ink spills. The Teflon paper will protect the design and let it be on top of it until it cools down. The second thin Teflon sheet will protect the print and ink from getting all over it.

Observe Sublimation Print

sublimate on glass

You have to place the transfer below the glass to see the transfer of print from the above side of the glass. Now, you will see the sublimation will occur from the front to the back, and through the glass, you will get to know whether it has been completed or not. The front glass will clearly show the design of the print.

The temperature on Heat Press

sublimate on glass

Now you have to heat press the glass for 3.5 minutes at a temperature of 400 degrees F. Providing heat at this temperature will give the best-desired sublimation results. You have to apply medium to intense pressure on the material. 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for glass sublimation.

Remove Teflon Sheet

sublimate on glass

After that, you have to remove the Teflon sheet once it cools down. Remember that, you should not remove it directly from the glass as it will be hot and may burn your hand. You should be careful and remove it when it reaches a normal temperature. The best thing is that you can use protective gloves for it. Finally, your sublimation process is completed.

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Final Thoughts For Sublimate On Glass

Well, now you can simply decorate the glass at your home through the sublimation process. You can even start your own business after buying the required materials for glass printing. This guide will surely help you to sublimate to glass easily and perfectly. Now, you can sublimate on glass without causing any damage to the material and yourself.

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