Can You Sublimate On Leather? | 6-Step Easy Guideline

Can you sublimate on Leather

Sublimation is a process that has been used in leather art for several years. The best and most efficient way to decorate your leather items without causing harm is by using the sublimation printing technique. Since they are often of high quality and cost, Therefore, always need to be handled with great care. To make a print, you use a heat press. It works by melting the ink onto the paper so that it will adhere to the paper. Once the pattern is complete, it is mounted as a design onto the leather using a heat press.

As a leather artist, I always look for new ways to improve my craft. After all, every day brings something new to learn. And when it comes to improving my skill, I find myself searching for the best way to sublimate on leather. Have you wondered if can you sublimate on leather and how to do it yourself? It is a challenging process, but the reward is incredible. The result is an incredibly realistic, high-quality print like Jackets, Shoes, blankets, belts, school bags, wallets, patches, pillows, earrings, key chains, luggage tags, and more leather products.

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I’m sure you have seen a lot of sublimation artwork around you, But if you don’t know how to sublimate on faux leather. Well, this article will help you learn how to do that. You will learn how to use the sublimation technique to make your leather creations. 

Can You Sublimate On Leather?

The Contented answer is Yes! But If you use the perfect procedure and the suitable leather, you will be able to create beautiful and unique designs to sublimate on leather because leather is a very versatile material used in many different ways. You can use it for many purposes: make wallets, purses, bags, jackets, belts, handbags, and coats. Leather is a great way to make money by using creativity to develop beneficial and attractive products. 

Can you sublimate on Leather

However, you need to know some things before you get started. You must first figure out how you can sublimate on leather. For example, you should first know the difference between sublimation and printing. You should know this because of the different techniques you can use to create beautiful things with sublimation on leather.

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Process Of Sublimate On Leather

Here are some basic and easy steps for sublimating on leather.

Step 1. Selecting Leather Substrate

The first and essential task is that, Ensure that you have leather substrate. If not so, please visit your nearest craft store and purchase a package of leather scraps for sublimation; these scraps will come in various sizes. Before buying, check that the scraps you choose are mostly made of light-colored leather because white ink is not available for sublimation printers. If any dark leather is found, store it for future projects.

Step 2. Apply Heat 

Now, it’s time to analyze, cut a few leather pieces, and attempt sublimation. It is advised to press the leather at a temperature of 340 degrees Fahrenheit lightly. After that, place parchment paper on the substrate and softly press for 12 seconds. You can also use different temperatures to get the best results because your leather will probably differ from mine.

Step 3. Cut Out Leather Material

Now, you should prepare your piece of test cut by using utilize Silhouette. Make sure to gently cut the leather to the perfect size with scissors or a paper cutter. I recommend cutting with a paper cutter. However, it takes time since you must work under the most pressure at the slowest possible speed. If it seems complicated the first time, you may need to attempt cutting repeatedly. However, the approach is to sketch each component of the thing you desire to sublimate.

Step 4. Make Holes

Suppose, Following the cutting of the numerous designs, you desire to create earrings. It is time to drill the holes through which the wires will pass, and I recommend using the tiniest hole punch size. It’s essential to remember that you create the holes as near to the top of your earring as you can without damaging any of the edges.

Step 5.  Design Selection

Now, you must decide on the designs for all of your leather earrings after cutting them out. You may also select a method that features your photo and favorite animals. Use your sublimation printers to print various designs that are just a bit bigger than the earrings you cut out.

Step 6. Apply Heat Press On The Design

The last action is that The printed design should have to remove extra borders. Now, Close the press machine after adjusting it for the substrate. To sublimate leather effectively, the temperature should not rise over 290°F or 300°F. Otherwise, it will melt if you use a considerable pressure press at 300°F. You should wait for 45 to 50 seconds. After 50 seconds remove the sublimation paper from the print and check your result.

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Expert Tips Before Sublimating On Leather

  • If the surface is uneven, you should smooth it before sublimation.
  • Never put too much pressure on the leather, and keep your hand as light as possible.
  • Make sure that your leather is clean and dry before sublimation.
  • Don’t dry leather with a heat gun for too long, or the leather may become damaged.
  • Before sublimation, You should know about the different types of leather.
  • Don’t place them too close to each other because they are combustible.
  • Before beginning the procedure, you should wear a face mask because the smell of the leather can make you sick.
  • Never use deodorant /antiperspirant on leather before sublimation.
  • Keep the temperature and humidity at the same level throughout the process.

Can You Sublimate on Leather Shoes?

Can you sublimate on Leather Shoes

Yes! You can use sublimation on leather shoes. This procedure is also similar to sublimating on other leather substances. However, it would be best to consider some factors before working with leather shoes.
It would be best to clean the shoes before the sublimation begins ultimately. Any dirt or debris might hamper the appropriate adhesion of the best sublimation ink on the surface of the leather. After cleaning, You must coat the surface with heat-resistant glue. This will make it easier for the sublimation ink to stick to the leather.
Lastly, if you’re sublimating onto leather, you should use a lower temperature, like 350F, for 50 seconds because the leather substance may be heat-sensitive. If you follow these steps, you can sublimate on leather shoes. 

Can You Sublimate on Faux Leather?

Can you sublimate on Faux Leather

The satisfying answer is yes! But It is dependent upon the quality of faux leather and the sublimation technique because it is an excellent material for specific things such as a pillow, earrings, patches, wallets, key chains, luggage tags, etc.

If you decide to sublimate on faux leather, it is crucial to utilize a lower temperature and less time than you would sublimate on other leather materials. Ensure that you should use heat transfer paper to cover the materials.

Can You Sublimate on Leather Wallet?

Can you sublimate on Leather Wallet

Yes, you can sublimate on the leather wallet. Ensure the wallet is clean and has no dirt or dust on it. You can use a towel or sponge to clean the wallet. When you start sublimation printing on the leather wallet, you should use heat transfer paper to protect it. If you don’t have a heat transfer sheet, So no worries. You can also use wax paper and parchment paper instead because they all protect your design. To sublimate on a leather wallet, you must adhere to the same procedures you have previously been taught.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polyester is an excellent material for sublimation because it has high resistance to heat and light and can withstand high temperatures. Polyester can use in various products, including clothing, bags, and home decor. Other mixed fibers could also be suitable, but they must include at least 50% polyester. Moreover, Nylon, lycra, and spandex are additional choices to polyester.

No! You can not wash leather in a washing machine because the leather is susceptible to fiber. The machine will damage it. If you want to wash leather, You need to buy a good-quality cleaner and a soft sponge. Clean it with a soft sponge and water. This will help you to clean the leather and make it look new. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with all the knowledge and instructions you need to sublimate on leather. Can you sublimate on leather? according to your query. The short answer is that sublimation on leather is doable and does not require advanced scientific knowledge. If you want to be able to sublimate on leather. So please follow our recommended approaches for successful sublimation.

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