How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer? | Step By Step Guide

Many people know a great way to print on mugs, t-shirts, canvas, photos, and other home items are to use a sublimation printer. A top-notch sublimation printer is required to start any printing business, and it is impossible to run without one. But the hefty cost of sublimation printers is a significant issue. If the high price of sublimation printers has put you off, you will get the solution to this issue today.

How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

Furthermore, we achieved our goals by converting an HP printer into a sublimation printer. If you don’t know how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer, I will answer your query; now, if you already have an HP printer, don’t worry; you can convert the HP printer to a sublimation printer to make things easier. Now, you should try this great way to convert your printer because it’s simple and cost-effective.

This post will teach you how to convert a Hp printer to a sublimation printer. If you are interested in reading, let’s scroll down to learn.

What Is HP Sublimation Printer?

Hp sublimation printers are the most popular printers among graphic artists. It is easy to use and affordable. As well as, It is also capable of print on a wide variety of media, including non-fibrous paper. You can use an HP printer to print any graphic image, including photographs, logos, artwork, and text. The great thing about HP printers is that you can use them to make personalized gifts such as mugs, T-shirts, key chains, and more. Therefore, it is simple to convert to a sublimation printer.

How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

Here is the straightforward method to convert a Hp printer to a sublimation printer.

Equipment Require Before Start Converting

Before starting, You will need the following equipment to convert an HP printer into a sublimation printer.

  • New HP Printer
  • Sublimation Ink
  • Sublimation Paper

Start With New HP Printer

How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

The first step is to ensure that your printer has never been used for printing before converting. To perform the conversion process, it just requires to be in immaculate condition. If not, there is a chance that the converted colors will mash up with the regular ink. Consequently, that would cause you to forfeit all of its advantages.

Choose The Right Ink

How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

It can be challenging for some people to match the color of their designs. To get high-quality printouts, Make sure the ink you select is functional. To avoid printing issues, ensure that all colors of ink can complement each other in your chosen layout.

Moreover, The ink you already use will not work with this process. It would help if you had high-quality ink for excellent outcomes. If you already have premium ink, that’s great, but if not, you may purchase it at a nearby store. Commonly, these inks are available in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Select Sublimation Paper

How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

The quality of the paper is a crucial consideration. I advise selecting an affordable paper of excellent quality. As well as, the printing paper needs to be sturdy and capable of maintaining a print of excellent quality. Additionally, Paper quality is typically divided into three categories: plain, coated, and laser. When purchasing paper, consider its specifications, including its type, size, weight, and quality.

Replace Cartridge And Fill it With Ink

How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

Now, You should be removed the old ink cartridges and swapped out with suitable sublimation ink cartridges. It’s time to add ink. Before starting, make sure your hands are covered with gloves. To prevent ink from getting on the hands. Then fill the ink into the cartridge with the help of four disposable syringes.

Install Compatible Printer Drivers

How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

A driver is a part of the software that enables communication between your computer and printer. The goal of printer drivers is to let applications print without being aware of the specific technical data of each printer brand. Before beginning, all you need to do is download the sublimation printer drivers from the internet. After downloading, Install all the drivers into the printer. You can get these drivers from the manufacturers’ portals and official websites. Before installing, Ensure these drivers are suitable and compatible with your printer because if you install an incorrect driver, your printer will not work correctly.

CISS Connection

After installing drivers, It is time to connect a (CISS) embedded continuous ink supply system. Most printers utilize this technology because it delivers continuous ink to the printer, resulting in high-quality printing. Since it doesn’t need cartridges or other expensive parts to print, it also lowers the printing price.

How to Convert Regular Used Printer To Sublimation Printer

If you follow all of these instructions, you might be able to convert the printer.

  1. It would be best to switch off the printer before unplugging all cables.
  2. You should remove all previously utilized ink cartridges. After that, wash the empty ink cartridges well in warm water.
  3. After washing, If any ink colour still shows, it should be removed with a clean paper towel and distilled water. In addition, store it for later use.
  4. The print head assembly should be removed from its original place and put with the ink cartridges.
  5. After that, You should need to clean the printer from the inside by using cotton wool with distilled water.
  6. Keep that in mind, Do not attempt to dry the printer with anything.
  7. The printer head is a significant and essential part of the printer. Therefore, you should change the print head because it is made specifically for printing.
  8. After the entire procedure, Now that your printer is empty, you can set it up as a sublimation printer.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Our goal is to provide you with all the information and procedure required to convert a Hp printer to a sublimation printer. After following all the steps, we believe you have learned how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer. When you decide to convert something, it is preferable to do so armed with some information and knowledge. The procedure may be challenging because you have been trying it for the first time.

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