How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt? Top 6 Working Methods

Sublimation ink is a type of dye printing that uses heat to permanently transfer ink to the fabric. It is commonly used to printing on t-shirts and other clothing items. It can be used to create various designs and colors, and it is often the best choice for clothing with intricate graphics.

how to remove sublimation ink from shirt

However, sublimation ink can be difficult to remove because sublimation printing is very strong process. If you think about how to remove sublimation ink from Shirt. Don’t worry, we are comes here with different ways of removing sublimation ink. The most common method involves soaking the shirt in hot water and then using a wet cloth to rub the ink off. Let’s scroll down to learn the complete process.

How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt? 

Can you remove sublimation ink from shirt. The satisfying answer is Yes, you can do it! But there is no doubt that sublimation ink is tough to remove from garments. This is the kind of ink that you can only use in the best sublimation printer to print directly onto clothes. It is not something that you can use water to wash off. You will need a special detergent for it. If you think that laundry detergent is enough. No! this is not enough because the detergent does not have any sublimation ink remover. 

If you don’t know how to remove print from shirt and other kinds of stuff. So I’ll give several methods for erasing ink. Firstly, you can remove the ink using a combination of soap, water, and baking soda. Use only lukewarm water because this type of water does not damage your clothes. So, ensure you use water between 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A little soap in the water will help you quickly remove the ink.

Expert Tips To Consider Before Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt?

You would want to remove sublimation ink from the shirt and clothes for several reasons.

  • Occasionally, a design doesn’t come out as you expected it to, or perhaps you printed the wrong design and want to switch it up.
  • Before removing, you must first be aware of the ink type because several colors are available for sublimation ink. As well as, using a single procedure to erase ink of all hues is difficult.
  • Remember that never use bleaching liquid to erase the ink.

Use Household Chemicals To Remove Sublimation Ink Step by Step

Here are some suggestions for getting sublimation ink out of clothing.

Set Up With Aluminum foil

First of all, You should choose smoth surface for your work and set up with a flat sheet of aluminum foil. Make sure the workplace is clean and well-airy. If not so, I recommend fans for drying it. Paper towels, denatured alcohol, paper towels, methyl alcohol, iron, and other materials are required for the procedure.

Soak Shirt In Denatured Alcohol

It’s time to fill a bucket with denatured alcohol and soak your shirt in denatured alcohol for 15 minutes. Ensure that, not soak the shirt for longer than 15 minutes because it can damage your shirt. Denatured alcohol removes the ink without being too hard on the shirt.

Now, take two clean and dry paper towels and place the shirt in the center of them and press with both towels. For the purpose of eliminating the ink, the garment should be soaked again in the solution for 15 minutes. By doing so the ink will never reappear on the cloth.

Protect Paper Towels

To prevent scorching paper towels:

  1. Ensure they are under the iron layer and use moderate pressure when ironing them. If you use excessive force, it may stick to the iron.
  2. Before you touch the cloth, ensure you are wearing heat-resistant gloves in your hands.
  3. As well as, please wait until it cools down because hot objects tend to cling together.

Dry With Iron

It’s time to dry the shirt, you should dry the shirt using an iron with aluminum foil. Before beginning, Place aluminum foil on the top of the shirt and ironing for 5 minutes. If you iron without aluminum foil, you may damage the fabric. Additionally, try not to push the iron too firmly and only touch the clothes once it has cooled.

Create Mixture

It’s time to create mixture, Add two teaspoons of crystals in a little cup or container. After that, add alcohol to dissolve them completely, and shake the mixture well. You will notice that the liquid appears to have foggy. Your combination of polymer crystals and denatured alcohol is now prepared for usage.

After the entire process, Ensure that, use distilled water to thoroughly wet paper towels. If the water drips, so remove the dripping water by squeezing it. Pour your prepared polymer and denatured alcohol mixture now onto the paper towel.

Remove Sublimation Ink Stains

It’s time to clean sublimation ink stain from shirt. To remove the ink from the shirt, use the polymer-mixed paper towel. Now, rub a paper towel softly over the ink stain area. Most stains are clean easily and some are difficult to clean. If the stains don’t come out then rub the paper towel repeatedly until all stains have been removed compeletly.

Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt By Using Cold Water

How to remove sublimation ink from shirt

If you think about how to get sublimation ink out of a shirt. So this is the best way to remove ink from the Shirt at home. You must use cold water to remove the ink stain. After this, you must soak the shirt for about 1 hour in cold water. It would help if you soak the Shirt for a long time. Please don’t soak the Shirt for less than 30 minutes, or it will not work correctly. You should use a sponch or paper towel to clean your shirt stains. Be careful to not scrub your shirts too hard. This will damage your fabric.

Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt By Using Heat

How to remove sublimation ink from shirt

If you think how you can remove print from a shirt by using heat. You need to know how to do this correctly. You can use a dryer to remove the sublimation ink from the shirt. After heating the shirt for several minutes, apply heat pressure with the dryer until the ink stain disappears.

Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt By Using Bleaching Agent

How to remove sublimation ink from shirt

If you want to totally get rid of the sublimation ink so you should use a bleaching agent. Because the bleaching agent is a quick way to remove sublimation ink from shirts. If you don’t already have bleaching agent so you can purchase any one from your nearby stores.

Now add some water and bleaching chemical into a bucket. Then soak the shirt in the solution and let it sit there for a while. After soaking for few minutes, take it out from solution and wash it with cool water.

Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt By Using Denatured Alcohol

How to remove sublimation ink from shirt

One of the best ways how to remove print from t-shirts is to use denatured alcohol. Alcohol is used for cleaning purposes, but it can also be used to remove sublimation ink. Sublimation ink is very sticky. Therefore give your shirt for a 15-minute soak in denatured alcohol. Without harming the clothes, it dissolves the stain. Along with denatured alcohol, the chemical also removes any ink residue that remains after sublimation. Rub the shirt with your hands and two clean paper towels after 15 minutes of soaking. That way, the ink will not be transferred to other items.

Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt By Using Soda Water

How to remove sublimation ink from shirt

This method is very effective for ink removing. You will need a bottle of soda water. Mix six parts of soda into one part of warm water and soak the shirt in the solution for 30 minutes. After this, Use a soft cloth and rub the soda mixture into your clothes. Keep rubbing the material back and forth until the ink mark comes off. Be careful. Rubbing the cloth too much may damage the fabric.

Remove Sublimation Ink From Shirt By Using Pressure Washer.

How to remove sublimation ink from shirt

The pressure washer can easily remove ink from clothes, walls, and wooden materials. You can remove sublimation ink using a pressure washer. Because the water helps to dissolve the ink, make sure to wear rubber gloves when doing this. Sublimation ink is a permanent printing process. Therefore, Add Warm water to the pressure washer tank and apply it forcefully to the surface of the Shirt that has the sublimation ink. This will help to dissolve the ink. Remember that Dishwasher liquid or any other bleaching powder can be used instead of hot water in the pressure washer.

Frequently Asked Questions For Beginners

Yes, vinegar will remove sublimation ink. But it should only be used on a white shirt. You should make sure to soak the Shirt in warm water. Apply the vinegar to your hands and then rub the Shirt on the countertop. When you rinse the stain out, you should repeat the process. After that, wash the shirt with cold water.

If you want to remove the dye sublimation ink, You need to use hot water. Don’t use scouring pads as you can damage your Shirt. Wash your shirts with warm water, and then leave the damp shirts overnight. The next day, put the wet clothes in the dryer to dry. You may find that your shirts are much cleaner and brighter.

The best way is to use hot water and soap. You should soak your Shirt in hot water and add some detergent. Then you should rub it well with your hands. Make sure to work the fabric to get out all the stains. It would help if you used the washing machine to wash the colors out of your Shirt. You can hand wash your Shirt if you don’t have a washing machine.

This is the best method to remove sublimation ink is to take a mild detergent and a soft toothbrush. Start by brushing the ink away from the stained area. Make sure that the stained area is clean. Next, rub the stain with a cleaning agent.


In conclusion, We hope that after reading this guide, You must have understood all the different methods to remove sublimation ink from your shirt. I’ve shared the process on how to remove sublimation ink from shirt without damaging and ruining the fabric. The most common way people are taught is to use water and soap. However, that is not good for silk shirts because you can damage the fabric. 

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