How To Wash Sublimation Shirts | 5 Easy Steps

How to wash sublimation Shirts

As a sublimation t-shirt producer, I know what it’s like to have a shirt. Because they are pricey to buy and need extra attention when being laundered, and their apparel is a little different from conventional clothing because of the distinctive design on these shirts. It is also very durable because of the fabric’s nature. But what happens when your shirts get dirty, the ink can fade, and the image will be less precise. However, the biggest challenge is how to clean prints from the shirts. If you don’t know how to wash sublimation shirts, you may ruin your shirt.

Washing sublimation shirts is a task that requires a little bit of patience and will take some time, but it is not impossible. There are many methods to wash sublimation shirts that can use to clean them. Many people think the best way to wash sublimation shirts is by hand. But this isn’t necessarily true. Washing sublimation shirts is easier if you use machines instead. Machines can help you get all the dirt out of your shirts and make cleaning much quicker and easier. This can be a problem if the shirt is washed incorrectly.

If you’re unsure about how to wash sublimation shirts at home, You can learn all you need to know the easy and right way from this post.

How To Wash Sublimation Shirts | Step-by-Step Process At Home

How to wash sublimation Shirts

If you want to wash your sublimation shirts properly, you should first make sure that you have the correct type of sublimation shirt. Here are some great ways you can follow, including soaking the shirt in cold water for a few hours, hand washing the shirt using soap, and placing the shirt in the washing machine. There is no best method. Everyone has their preferences and procedures, so it is up to you to determine which is best for you. As a laundry worker, I advise washing clothes in the washing machine for better and quicker effects with little effort. 

Step 1.  Use Sublimation Ink Stabilizer

How to wash sublimation Shirts

The first step is that, When you wash sublimation shirts, the ink will often come out and smear on the clothes. To fix this, you must treat the stains with the best sublimation ink stabilizer. Sublimation ink stabilizers help to prevent the fading of sublimation prints. Before washing the shirt, You should add cold water to a tub of water so that the shirt gets wet quickly. Then add a small amount of sublimation ink stabilizer to the water. Then leave the shirt in the solution for 45 to 60 minutes.

Step 2.  Set Washing Machine Temperature 

How to wash sublimation Shirts

This is a good idea to check the label of your machine to ensure that it is suitable for washing the sublimation shirt. Ensure the washing machine can handle the temperature range of 150°C to 200°C. Never run the washing machine at a temperature higher than 200 degrees. The reason is that it could harm your shirt and destroy the design of sublimation printing

Step 3.  Wash Shirt With NON-phosphorus detergent

How to wash sublimation Shirts

The vital step is that you need to find a non-phosphorus detergent that is specifically formulated for sublimation prints. If you don’t already have one, you might need to buy a NON-phosphorus detergent separately to wash the shirt. Now, add cold water and non-phosphorus detergent to the machine. After adding the detergent, it would help if you put the shirt into the washing machine. Once the washing cycle is complete for 15 to 20 minutes, you must take them out immediately, and wash the shirt with lukewarm water. 

Step 4. Dry Shirt With Natural Source

How to wash sublimation Shirts

Now it’s time to dry the sublimation shirt. Some people use a dryer machine to dry the shirt, Which causes the design of the sublimation shirt to blend and deteriorate, so you should avoid using the dryer.

In addition, The shirt should be placed on a hanger and hung in a protected location near the sunlight. They will last longer if you allow them to dry naturally by putting them in just air and sunlight. In addition, the shirt seems clean and new each time you wear it.

Step 5. Iron The Shirt

How to wash sublimation Shirts

After drying it, You need to iron the shirt because it is the best way to prevent it from shrinking and wrinkling. Moreover, it will make your shirt looks attractive and last longer. To iron it, you can use an electric iron or a steam iron. If you are using the iron, it’s best to place it on low heat and ensure you don’t use the steam setting. This can cause the sublimation designs to get destroyed.

Furthermore, You should also remember that you should only iron the collar and the pocket. When ironing the sublimation printing shirts, you should ensure you’re not ironing over the designs you want to protect. You should also be careful about the size and type of shirt you are ironing.

Expert Tips To Wash Sublimation Shirts For Beginners

  • You should always wash your sublimation shirt with cold water for better results.
  • If you need to wash your shirt by hand, please wear gloves. Because without gloves, the ink could transfer to your hands.
  • Washing your sublimation shirt by hand is easy to work. It would help if you always attempted to do it. As well as, after washing, squeeze out the extra water from the clothing.
  • When washing the sublimation shirt, you should remember to use non-phosphorus detergent. Because common detergents can damage the sublimation designs.
  • It would be best never to use chlorine bleach or fabric softeners because they will weaken the cloth and fade the colors.
  • After washing your sublimation shirt, hang them on plastic and wood hangers because metal hangers may leave rust marks. In addition, dry it from natural sources like air and sunlight. Do not dry it on the heat of the dryer.
  • Always wash white and colored clothes separately because the white fabric may pick up the color of vibrant clothing.

Frequently Asked Question For Beginners

Yes! But You should avoid using hot water because it can melt the sublimated ink. Make sure that you wash your sublimated shirt only with cold water. A great way to do this is to use a washing machine that needs special care and attention to ensure the fabric does not shrink and that the printed image stays solid and transparent. You can use a special detergent, like a non-phosphorus detergent.

The fact is that your cloth was unsuitable for sublimation is the most frequent cause of a fading sublimation print after washing. Most sublimation shirts are printed with different types of dye. Some of these dyes are water solvents, and others are water resistant.

No! You can not use any detergent for washing sublimation shirts because you will destroy the design, and it will not last longer than someday. You should use gentle detergent such as non-phosphorus detergent.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope we have been able to deliver you with all the information and procedure necessary for washing sublimation shirts at home. Now you know how to wash sublimation shirts, and you should use a gentle laundry detergent to wash sublimation shirts. Sublimation shirts are usually expensive. Therefore, taking care of them and keeping them in good condition is essential. If you follow these steps, you can do it without hassle. Now that you learned how to do it, you should try it at home.

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