What Is A Sublimation Printer? & How Does It Work

what is sublimation printer

Thinking of starting your own business of colorful printed t-shirts and customized products? Something that brings more energy and attraction to the quality of your work? To start work like this, all you need to know is about sublimation printing and the method of the sublimation printing work. Before you get to know what a sublimation printer is, first you should know the sublimation process for which it is used. Sublimation is a process, which involves printing vivid designs of your own choice.

The sublimation process requires sublimation printers. Before using the sublimation printer you should know what it is and how it actually works. New startups get successful when they have information and understanding of every single detail about the product you are going to use. Here, in this article, you will get to know about what a sublimation printer is and how it works in a comprehensive manner. Once you understand, you will be able to work more efficiently and competently.

What Is a Sublimation Printer?

Sublimation printing is a process, which involves printing on special kinds of fabric in order to get a printed design on that fabric. Usually, polyester fabric is used for sublimation printing. The sublimation process is carried through a special device known as a sublimation printer.

A sublimation printer is a device that is used to print designs through sublimation ink on t-shirts by using heat and pressure. Follow the article to know more about sublimation printers in detail. The colors of the sublimation printer are extremely durable and fresh. It brings magic to the fabric and the end results are extraordinarily amazing and eye-catching.

Method Of Usage The Sublimation Printer

What is a Sublimation Printer

The method of using a sublimation printer is quite easy if understood properly and attempted carefully. You just need to follow the steps precisely so that you cannot make any mistakes and complete the process in just one go without repeating it again and again. The following method of sublimation printer work is simple if once followed cautiously.

●     Firstly, sublimation dye is placed inside the printer where the colors are present in the CMYK (the color space).

●     Secondly, the images that are needed to be printed are placed on the printed paper where a variety of colors and designs are available to choose from.

●     After that, heat is applied to the printed paper where the ink penetrates the fabric during the sublimation process.

●     Ink is fused in the fabric because of the open pores in the garment and the fabric reels then cut the garment panels.

●     These panels are then sewn together and get a shape of a perfect wear product.

Advantages of Sublimation Printer

●     It makes the perfect photographic images with bright and vibrant colors.

●     It provides unlimited color choice without any usage restrictions.

●     Also, it provides a soft and smooth texture after printing.

●     The sublimation ink provides a good quality print color, which reduces the cracking and fading of the color.

●     The sublimation printer enhances your garment look.

●     Sublimation printing never goes out of fashion and provides an amazing working experience.

●     This process is quick and reliable, which provides long-lasting results.

Top 3 Brands Of Sublimation Printers


Epson is a name that is associated with some of the best gadgets and machines present in the market. Whether you take sublimation printers, inkjet printers, or any other type of printing machine, the name Epson is always at the top. The company was founded in 1942 in Japan. The founder of the company was Hisao Yamazaki.

The company started its business by manufacturing watches. In 1968, the first printer was launched with the name Epson, called the EP-101. In 1982, the company manufactured and launched the first computer, which was called the HX-20. The Micro Piezo Inkjet printing technology was also founded by Epson.


Canon Inc. is a company that is focused on providing its audience and users with some of the best electronics. It is a Japanese company that was founded in 1933. It was founded by Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida, and Takeo Maeda.

The company not only manufactures printers but they have also given users some of the best cameras, projectors, scanners, virtual reality headsets, and various other gadgets. The company introduced the engines of the laserjet printers to the world. Their first printer was launched in 1985. Their first printer was an inkjet printer that had bubble jet technology.


The company HP is an American company that was founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. The name HP stands for Hewlett Packard, which is a blend of the names of the founders of the company. The company was founded in 1939 in Palo Alto. The company was officially made public in 1957.

Over the years, HP has manufactured some of the best printers, cameras, laptops, and multiple other hardware components along with software. The first printer that was launched under the name of HP was the HP ThinkJet, in 1984. It was an inkjet printer.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Sublimation Printer

If you are looking for a sublimation printer for your business work, then you must be looking for something good and reliable. There are many sublimation printers available in the market and it’s quite difficult to choose one from the thousands. Here is a proper buying guide for you so that you can buy a suitable sublimation printer, which fulfills all your buying requirements. Follow this buying guide to know the proper factors that you should look for while buying the sublimation printer.


The sublimation printers have several basic features, but some are best for professional use. While buying the sublimation printer it is very important to check the printer’s specificity of working. Some are useful to hobbyists, some are used for household work, some are used for crafts and some are used for professional work. So firstly, you have to check the purpose of the sublimation printer for which you are looking to buy and then purchase it accordingly.

Connectivity Options

Another factor that you should look for while buying the sublimation printer is the connectivity options. The best sublimation printer to buy has strong and flawless connectivity with other devices. So before buying you must check that the sublimation printer is compatible with your device and connects strongly with it. You must check that it offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity too. Also, it should consist of a USB port so that you insert your own choice of downloaded designs.

Print resolution is another major factor that you must look at while purchasing the sublimation printer. Higher resolution provides a clear and bright printer image with fewer chances of cracking and fading. Also, it applies the exact selected color to the fabric. So select the sublimation printer with high DPI, which offers more image and print clarity to the user. Most people prefer to buy a sublimation printer with a DPI of 600 to 1200.

Size Of The Printer

The size of the printer is another factor that you need to keep in mind while buying the sublimation printer. You should buy a printer, which has a suitable size so that it can fit easily in your working space. If you need a printer for your household work, then you need a small-size sublimation printer so that it could adjust there easily. Whereas, if you need that for professional and industrial work then you can buy a large sublimation printer, which completes more work in less time.

Sheet Capacity

It is very important to check the sheet capacity of the sublimation printer before you purchase one for yourself. Most printers consist of 50 sheets and the number of sheets depends on the amount of work you have to do. Some sublimation printers consist of stacks of sheets, which you can use easily one after another without discontinuing your work. Some models come up with 500 sheets, which allows you to work frequently and consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the circuit is not a sublimation printer as it has no capabilities of printing.

A good sublimation printer is one that consists of all the factors that you are looking for. It provides amazing results to the user without letting them face any damage. Also, it provides good-quality images, which reduces the chances of cracking.

Sublimation printers are used in the sublimation process, which transfers several designs of the materials like cups, bags, t-shirts, and shoes. Through sublimation printers, you can print designs of your own choice on the required materials. The sublimation printers consist of special sublimation ink for printing purposes.

Yes, it is worth getting a sublimation printer if you want outstanding and amazing customized printing results. It provides details and finishing to your t-shirt designs because of its high level of printing resolution. Its printing designs are beatable and consist of a variety of colors to choose one accordingly.

Sublimation printers are best suitable for printing garments, which are basically made up of polyester fabric. Polyester fabric provides amazing results rather to other fabric materials. Also, you can print on cotton material but the results are not that satisfying. Also, you can print on mugs, picture frames, keychains, etc.

For sublimation, you need a printer that is specially designed for the sublimation process. A photo sublimation printer is basically required for the sublimation process.

No, you cannot use a sublimation printer as a regular printer. Some regular printers can be modified to sublimation printers, which are capable of performing good results. The ink used in the sublimation process is quite different and it cannot be used in a regular printer and causes problems.

Final Thoughts

Well, I have covered a great source of information regarding sublimation printers. And I hope that all the doubts and confusions in your mind have been cleared now. Now, you know what is a sublimation printer and how it works, and you can buy your favorite sublimation printer that suits you well and which fulfills all your working and printing requirements. This article and buying guide will surely help you get a sublimation printer that comes under your priority.

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