What Is Sublimation Ink? | The Complete Guide

Before you use anything it is very important to know its usage and have a clear understanding of it. Sublimation is a process in which you print designs of your own choices, in which heat and pressure are used to press the sublimation ink in order to get a customized print. Most of you must know about the sublimation process but many of you are not aware of the best sublimation ink, its uses, and its benefits. In the age of the internet, nothing is difficult to search or know about.


Just a click away, you get every detail and information about the products you want to know. The most important thing in understanding any product is that it should be explained unerringly. Here I have got you guys the detailed information about the sublimation ink and its uses too. Once you get the idea of what the sublimation ink is then you can use it conveniently and suitably. Before sublimation, let’s make ourselves knowledgeable about the sublimation ink and its method of use.

What Is Sublimation Ink?


To get the desired and coveted results, it is very important to know how a certain product works and what the product is meant for. Sublimation ink is basically a dye that is used in the sublimation printing process in order to get your required and expected results. The sublimation ink is highly persistent and trustworthy, which provides an amazing accuracy that is used in printing techniques. Let’s know more about sublimation ink, its methods of use in a step-wise manner, ways to refill, and its benefits.

Method of Uses

Well, there are many methods of using sublimation ink and you can use any, that you find uncomplicated and efficacious. The sublimation process is easy and simple and it provides phenomenal results when a good quality sublimation ink is used. The sublimation ink is made up of dye particles, which print bright and high-quality printing designs. Following are the uses of sublimation ink.

Sublimation inks are being used by the best inkjet printers, which use sublimation paper to print on imperative and required designs. It causes the powdery dyes to convert into the gaseous form after heating up.

After diffusion, these gaseous dyes are penetrated into the printing surfaces in order to get a quality photo print.

How To Refill The Sublimation Ink?

Well, here is a simple and easy method of refilling the sublimation ink. Some people think that it is a difficult task to refill the sublimation ink but, there is no hard and fast rule for it. You just need to refill it with full concentration and attention. Here, I have explained the easiest way of refilling sublimation ink cartridges step by step.

What Things Do You Need Before Refilling ink

●     Sublimation ink

●     Gloves

●     Refillable ink cartridges

●     Paper towels

●     Syringe

●     Non-porous tabletop

Phases of Refilling The Sublimation Ink

●     Firstly, you have to read the cartridge instructions because each cartridge is different from another one and you need to know the required details of the one you are having.

●     Secondly, you have to put on your gloves for safety measures and to prevent your hands from messing up with the ink color.

●     Thirdly, you have to lay down the paper towel on the tabletop to prevent ink from slipping in order to keep the place neat and tidy.

●     For refilling, you have to take one bottle at a time.

●     Then you have to remove the essential plugs of the cartridges according to the instructions given.

●     After that fill the syringe of your own choice colored. Also, make sure that you do not find any bubbles inside it.

●     Now, place the syringe at the desired place in the cartridge.

●     Slowly refills the cartridge without breaking it and overfilling it. Do not fill it fully instead just fill it till 7-8th because overfilling will cause problems.

●     After completing this refilling, close the bottle cap tightly and carefully.

●     Lastly, repeat the same steps for refilling other colors too and after refilling all colors put the cartridge back into the sublimation printer. And you are done!

Advantages of Sublimation Ink

Dye sublimation brings colors to everyday life including our clothes and innovations. It is a technology of digital printing, which enables you to print your own choice of designs and patterns with different ink colors. It enhances the beauty of your clothes and customized products because of its vibrant and bright colorful collection of inks. Also, you can print images and pictures on your t-shirts, which are really attractive and alluring. Following are the benefits of sublimation ink.

●     Saves Time (Dye sublimation ink saves your time by quickly printing the designs of your choice on the t-shirt or any other customized material)

●     Vibrant colors (sublimation ink provides vibrant and bright colors)

●     Durable (The sublimation ink reduces the chances of cracking and fading of the design because of its lively nature)

●     Long-lasting (The sublimated prints are long-lasting because of the good quality of the sublimation ink being used)

●     Less waste (Only a less amount of ink is used and it produces great and satisfactory results, which shows less wastage of ink)

●     The flexibility of production (Sublimation ink provides the flexibility of production by providing effective results and reducing the chances of cracking and fading of the print)

Ink For Sublimation Printing

When it comes to knowing about sublimation ink then it is also necessary to know which ink is best to use for sublimation printing. Ordinary inks cannot be used for the sublimation process. The disperse dye, which is commonly called dye-sub ink, is specifically used for the sublimation process. It easily bonds with the polyester fabric and forms amazing prints, which are bright and energetic.

Hipo Sublimation Ink

Hipo sublimation ink is basically used for the Inkjet printers and is compatible with many other printers as well. It is available in yellow, black, cyan, and magenta colors. It is highly saturated and provides good permeability. This ink dries fast and prevents fading because of its great penetrating ability. The ink comes out easily without any need of pressing it hard and also reduces the chances of leakage.

Dye Sublimation Ink

Dye sublimation ink is best to use on sublimation paper through which the image is transferred to the fabric by the heating process. The dye sublimation ink changes from solid to gaseous form and prints smoothly on polyester fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Epson has its own sublimation ink and also an auto-stop technology, which provides the standard ink cartridges. It comes with a six-month expiry date and before that, it is best to use and provide significant results. It is one of the best sublimation ink that you can use as it provides consistently energetic and vibrant colors.

No, you cannot use the sublimation ink in a normal printer as it is risky and causes damage. Sublimation inks are just used in the best sublimation printers, which provide amazing and satisfactory results to the user. So using sublimation ink in a normal printer is not a good idea.

The inkjet prints use the microscopic droplets from the nozzle in which liquid ink is present in the cartridge. Whereas the sublimation ink is present in solid form, which becomes gaseous form directly by the heating process.

The main difference between the sublimation ink and regular ink is that the sublimation ink lasts long, while the regular ink fades quickly. Also, the dye sublimation ink prints more accurate designs than the regular ink. The sublimation ink penetrates and dries more quickly into the polyester fiber than the regular ink. Regular ink provides low-quality colors, which fade with time.

Final Thoughts About Sublimation Ink

Now, you have got enough understanding and information about the sublimation ink, its uses, and its benefits. It is the best to use for the sublimation process and provides amazing results to the user. Once you get the knowledge about sublimation ink usage then you can enhance your work productivity by using it in different and creative ways. Before you choose any dye sublimation ink make sure that it meets all your manufacturer requirements.

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